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Your Questions, Answered

What kind of bus does Rockport Tours use?

Our motorcoach is a touring version of the traditional charter bus.  In addition to a restroom and premium movie screens, it has reclining seats, cup holders, seatbelts, and upgraded shocks and suspension to provide a comfortable ride.

Is smoking or drinking allowed on the bus?

Smoking, electronic cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the motorcoach (you may bring refreshments to enjoy in your hotel room). About every two and a half hours, we will stop for a rest or meal break, where you can stretch your legs or smoke.

When will I receive my final travel documents?

Your travel documents will be mailed approximately three weeks prior to departure. This includes departure and arrival information, hotel information, luggage tags, and an informational letter.

Should I tip my tour leader and driver?

Your tour leader and your bus driver work hard while you are busy enjoying your tour! Your tour leader makes sure everything runs smoothly, takes care of hotels and dining, and is available for guests needs. Your driver handles luggage twice at each hotel and keeps the bus clean inside and out. Tipping is optional and personal, but a rule of thumb is for each traveler to tip $2-$4 per day for the driver and $2-$4 per day for the tour leader.

What if my trip is cancelled or experiences a delay?

Rockport Tours, Inc. acts solely as your agent arranging for transportation, lodging, and activities, and cannot be held liable for any delayed departures or arrivals or for any damages, losses or injuries to person or property. No liability is assumed in connection with any service providers used on our tours. Although every effort is made to handle your luggage carefully, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles. We reserve the right to cancel any tour prior to departure, and our total obligation will be the refund of all payments made by the customer. Although it is extremely rare, Rockport Tours Inc. cannot be liable for matters beyond our control including but not limited to traffic, service provider delays or cancellations, weather conditions, or acts of God.  In such cases, any refund is at the complete discretion of Rockport Tours.

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