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Charter the Bus!


Rockport Tours is proud to offer you the opportunity to charter our bus for your private events and groups.   Our top-of-the-line tour bus is perfect for when you want to travel in style! 


You will find a DVD player to show movies or training lessons, seat belts for every passenger, electrical outlets for every passenger to charge their devices, and more.  The beefed-up suspension provides a smoother ride down the highway and our experienced drivers will make sure you arrive safe, sound, and on time.  Plus, as a tour company, we can assist you in finding hotel rooms, arranging dinner, or locating fun and unique activities for your group. 


Call today to learn more about chartering the bus and plan your trip! 

You can reach us at (361)-452-2012.

What kind of bus does Rockport Tours use?

Our motorcoach is a touring version of the traditional charter bus.  In addition to a restroom and premium movie screens, it has reclining seats, cup holders, seatbelts, and upgraded shocks and suspension to provide a comfortable ride.

Is smoking or drinking allowed on the bus?

Smoking, electronic cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the motorcoach (you may bring refreshments to enjoy in your hotel room). About every two and a half hours, we will stop for a rest or meal break, where you can stretch your legs or smoke.

Should I tip my tour driver?

Tips are not included in the cost of charter unless you request it.  Your driver will work hard to make sure your trip is flawless and tips are always appreciate it.  Typically, tips are $3-$5 per person per day.

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