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Cruise to Savings

How to Save $100's on any cruise!

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Ready to Set Sail On a Floating Oasis But Don’t Want to Pay More Than Necessary?

Cruising To Savings: How to Save Hundreds on Any Cruise is packed with information that shows you how to find the best cabin on a great ship and enjoy all the extras….for less money than you ever thought possible!

With the information, I share in Cruising To Savings: How to Save Hundreds on Any Cruise, you’ll find yourself enjoying a cocktail on the pool deck while watching land disappear into the distance….and still have plenty of money in your bank account!!

This course has a value of over $200 and normally retails for $49

Now it is  Only $29

for a Limited Time

Price Will Go Up Soon!


My company has nearly 30 years of experience in the tour and travel industry. Over the years I’ve learned tips and tricks that will result in you having a better experience at a lower price than you ever

thought was possible!

Imagine if you knew how to get the best cabin on a great ship, knew exactly what to pack, and knew all the ways to save money on your vacation? What if you could actually save hundreds of dollars? Would that be worth a little bit of your time?

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Right now you’re probably thinking a nice relaxing vacation would be the bomb! And a cruise is such a stress-free way to travel….all your food and entertainment is right there on the ship and amazing excursions are waiting in every port.
Anytime you do something for the first time or visit a new place, there is a very good chance that it will cost you more money than it could have. You find out later from other people who knew the inside scoop and you think “If only I had known!”
My product is designed to help you save money on your very first cruise. But even if you’ve been on multiple cruise ships, I still have ideas that will save you money!
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So What Do I Get?

With Cruising To Savings: How to Save Hundreds on Any Cruise, I will show you proven methods to save hundreds of dollars on your cruise. Plus, I have included destination-specific packing lists at No Extra Charge! These handy lists can be printed out every time you take a cruise. They will ensure you don’t overlook any items critical to your destination! I will also include 4 Questions That Will Ensure You Get a Perfect Cabin When You Book. Whether you are working with a travel professional, or booking directly with the cruise line, asking these questions will ensure you get a perfect cabin every time!

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Here’s what you’ll find in Cruising To Savings: How to Save Hundreds on Any Cruise

2 Money-Saving Videos

The first, 8 Tips that Could Save You Hundreds! focuses on saving money before you ever step foot on the ship!

The second, 12 Tips That Could Save You Hundreds! is exactly that….twelve
money-saving tips about how to save on everything from shore excursions to shipboard meals!

Combine these strategies to save more money than you ever thought possible.

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Wait, there's more!

Printable packing lists to make sure you pack everything needed to have a
fabulous cruise! Two separate lists… for cruises that sail in warmer environments, like the Caribbean, and one for cruises that sail in colder climates like Alaska.

4 Questions That Will Ensure You Get a Perfect Cabin When You Book.
Asking these questions will ensure you get a perfect cabin every time!  Whether you use a travel professional or book directly with the cruise line, this is the guide you need!

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Have you ever been on a cruise ship? If so, you know it’s a floating oasis full of fun times waiting for you!! But like most people, you don’t want to spend more than you have to, right? 


That’s where Cruising To Savings: How to Save Hundreds on Any Cruise comes in….. Leverage my experience to save yourself money, whether it’s your very first cruise or your fiftieth!


You know meals are included on a cruise, right? But the specialty restaurants actually charge a fee. And some of them look pretty tempting, right? Did you know that you can actually eat at one without paying full price? You can, and I’ll tell you how!

This is just one of the many tips, tricks, and life hacks that I will share with you.  And remember, for a limited time, you get this $200+ value for only $29!  Act now!

“OK, I am ready to order. 

What will I get?"

You will receive a link that will let you download both of the Money-Saving Videos, my Packing Checklists for warm and cold-weather destinations, the Ultimate Packing Guide, and my "4 Questions to Ask to Get a Perfect Cabin!"




My course represents hours and hours of research and years of experience saving people money on cruises.  If you use even one tip for you and your travel partner, the course will have paid for itself.  You could take a dozen cruises and discover some of these money-saving ideas on your own, or you can purchase Cruising To Savings: How to Save Hundreds on Any Cruise and Start Saving on Your Very Next Cruise!

Claim Your Copy Instantly!


YES, Mike! I want to take advantage of your years of experience to start saving today!


 After placing your order, you’ll instantly receive an email with a private download link so that you can start benefiting from my program today.  For only $29, you can't go wrong!

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