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In the heart of the American West lies a tapestry of destinations that beckon travelers with their unique and compelling charms.


Salt Lake City, with its metropolitan flair, stands as a gateway to this captivating odyssey. It is a city where modernity harmoniously coexists with rich history. The skyline, adorned with towering skyscrapers, pays homage to progress, while the historic district of Temple Square invites reflection and exploration. In Salt Lake City, the culinary scene offers diverse flavors to tantalize the palate, ensuring that every meal is a journey in itself.


From this urban embrace, venture to Jackson Hole, where time seems to slow, and the spirit of the Old West lives on. This rustic town, nestled amidst the rugged embrace of the Tetons, exudes an aura of authenticity. Wooden boardwalks lead you through streets adorned with boutique shops, where you can discover treasures that evoke the soul of the region. And, as the sun dips below the horizon, a rodeo in Jackson Hole becomes a vivid celebration of the frontier spirit.


The Grand Tetons themselves, with their jagged peaks piercing the heavens, offer a majestic backdrop. Here, pristine lakes mirror the rugged summits, creating postcard-perfect views that inspire awe at every turn. Whether you choose to embark on a tranquil boat ride across Jenny Lake or take on the challenge of a hike through Cascade Canyon, the landscapes will etch themselves into your memory.


And then, the pièce de résistance: Yellowstone National Park, a realm of geothermal wonders that defy imagination. Here, the earth itself breathes, sending geysers soaring into the cerulean sky, an awe-inspiring display of nature's power. The journey through Yellowstone unfolds like an epic tale, where waterfalls cascade with thunderous might, and the vibrant canyons paint a vivid canvas of colors. It's a place where bison roam freely, where elusive wolves and grizzlies reveal themselves to the patient observer.


In the end, this journey through Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone is an odyssey through a realm where the hand of time seems to pause, and the untamed beauty of the American wilderness beckons. It's a voyage that leaves an indelible mark on the soul, reminding us of the magnificence of our natural world and the wonders that await those who dare to explore.




Your Trip Includes:


  • 6- Nts Hotel
  • 6 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 3 Dinners
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • Scenic Float on snake river
  • Gratuities for included meals and activities
  • Local guide
  • Rockport Tours Group Leader


While we are happy to assist you with the purchase of airfare, the cost is not included in the trip.


Deposit is $300 per person.  Final payment is  02/15/24.  No Refund After 02/15/24.


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Yellowstone and the Tetons: June 3-9, 2024

  • If not paying with a credit card, all deposits are to be paid within seven (7) days of making a reservation. When we receive your deposit, you will get a receipt showing your payment, balance due and when it is due. Final payments are due in our office 30 days prior to departure unless specifically noted on the itinerary. Tours $100 and less require full payment. Trips involving a ticketed event ar non-refundable. Reservations made within 30 days prior to departure require full payment.

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