Fredericksburg is always a favorite destination and this time you are going to be even more excited!  Join us for the Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival.  Your price includes the ticket to the event ($20  value!).  Enjoy all the town has to offer plus the festival in one amazing day trip.


                        Fredericksburg’s historic district boasts an ample supply of gingerbread trimmed homes. Shoppers are delighted to know that this Hill Country icon racks up an impressive 150 arts, crafts, antique shops and dozens of art galleries.  World War II buffs can visit the Admiral Nimitz Museum with its new Museum of Pacific War.  But no matter what you do, it is wonderful to be in such a friendly town!


While this will be a full-bus trip, masks will still be required unless you have a doctor's note!

Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival (Full Bus)- May 29, 2021

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